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By: Adam Koback

Thursday, March 6, 2008
Here we have the lineup of present and past Team-CRM street and race cars.
They are, the pride of Coal Region Motorsports.

1993 Saturn SC2
Owner - Adam Koback

Adam's 1993 SC2 is setup to compete in the SCCA Street Touring-S class. It also doubles as his everyday street car.

2007 Chevy Cobalt SS/SC
Owner - LJ Brylewski

LJ's 2007 Cobalt performs the everyday tasks wonderfully, and also has proven to be a true competitor in the SCCA NEPA STX classing. Look out for this one during the 2008 Autocross season.

1999 Saturn SL2
Owner - Brad Tucker

Brad's SL2 has been through change after change. Starting off with a nitrous setup, it migrated to turbo and now back to N/A. Recently recieving some well needed handling upgrades, Brad is now planning on putting some power back into it with a custom turbo setup.
1997 Saturn SC2
Owner - Tyler Lobb

Tyler's SC2 is an up and coming STS competitor. Coming out in 2008 with an all new coilover suspension and a brand new tire, it should prove to be a very interesting and competitive year for him. We can't wait to see the great things to come from this duo.
1991 Honda Civic Si
Owner - Adam Koback

Adam's 91 Civic Si was a force to be reconed with in the 2006 Autocross season running in the STS class. This duo chaulked up multiple victories in a ton of regions and races. This car truely is a legend in the CRM stable.
1993 Saturn SW2
Owner - Adam Koback

Adam's SW2 served as daily driver/autocross warrior for years. Starting out late 2003 in the NEPA autox season, and running through 2005, and even winning an STS Championship in 2005, this car has served well over the years.

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