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The Drivers and Crew
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, March 6, 2008
I now show you the people showing the CRM name, and also some of the people
that stand behind the scenes to help make it all possible.

Adam Koback

Adam started out his love for cars very early on. He immediately got involved with the SCCA and started competing. That fuel is still burning, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

He has staked up a multitude of regional autocross wins, and championships. In 2008 the plans are very big, and there are a few National events on the agenda.

Look out 2008, because here we come.

LJ Brylewski

LJ started off owning a multitude of cars off the bat, going from German VW's, to a Japanese Eclipse, and then all the way back to an American Chevy. Always tinkering and tweaking on something.

Autocrossing on and off over the past 2 years, this season LJ's plans on competing for a title in the NEPA SCCA Championship in his Cobalt SS. It should prove to be a very exciting time in that class.
Brad Tucker

Ever since we met Brad, he has been die hard into the Saturns and tuning them up and making them go fast. His latest expedition takes him to the second turbo build on his Saturn Sedan.

Brad's plans for the year as far as racing are unknown, but we do know, he plans to have the car running in time for the 2008 STC Tail of the Dragon Meet in August.
Tyler Lobb (Right)

Tyler just starting autocrossing in 2007, and already is showing an impact. We think he probably is the hardest working guy on the team trying to get where he wants to be. With driving improving and setting high goals, 2008 should be a very good and competitive year for him.

Back in the STS class, and building on the car over the winter both car and driver should be up to the task of this season. I know I, Adam, am really looking forward to running up against him this year.
Katie Fenkner

Kate met Adam back in 2005, and has not looked back since. They both have a strong passion for cars and racing and it shows everytime at the track. All the late nights in the garage before the race, and all the long ones at the track are what these two thrive on come summer time. Without her, I'm not sure the team would be where it is right now. Afterall, she did convince me to get back into the sport for the 2007 season.

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