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By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Team-CRM Season Ends
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Looks like another year of SCCA Solo 2 action for the Team-CRM crew has come to an end. We ran out last event of the season on October 27 and 28, and are now calling it a season.

All the results are posted, and points standings update. Adam took 2nd place this year in both ASCC and NEPA in the STS class. It was a great learning year, and the Saturn is slowly picking up speed. We look forward to resting over the winter, and coming back strong next season.

Over the winter look for a major update of the website. We might experience some downtime in December as we convert the site over to the brand new format.

Catch you guys next season!!

NEPA Season Comes to a Close
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
This past Sunday marked the final hurrah in the NEPA 2007 Autocross Season. STS again came right down to the wire. Chris was having a great day, while Adam kept chasing. Adam has said it was probably his worst day autocrossing his entire career. Simply not making up any time on his runs.

Chris edged him out by a few tenths of a second, bringing the STS championship points to a tie in the final event. We are still awaiting what the tie-break holds. What would make us happy and a fitting end to the season is just leave it as a tie for first. Both drivers did a wonderful job the entire year.

Videos are posted, and results will be following.

This weekend CRM will be headed out to the Airport in Philipsburg, PA to run with the Central PA Region.

Adam Takes Charge at the Airport
By: Adam Koback

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Well finally Adam got up to CPR for one of their fall series events. The course and weather were just awesome. Very fast, and open, with a hint of tight spots. We brought home 1st place in STS by over 3 seconds, and also took home 3rd place PAX.

Videos are now posted, with results to follow.

Next event for CRM will be Frackville on October 7th. Adam, LJ, and Tyler will all be in action. Adam is fighting for the NEPA championship, and this is the last event of the season. He is going in with only a 2 point lead. Come on out and see the best battle of the year.

CRM Back to the Track
By: Adam Koback

Friday, September 28, 2007
Finally Adam will be back out on the course this Sunday at the Mid-State Airport in Philipsburg, PA. We'll be trying out a brand new spring setup, and have very high hopes for the weekend.

The following weekend of October 7th, the NEPA season will wind down in Frackville, PA. WIth only a 2 point lead going into the event, Adam must pull through with a win to lock up the title. Other wise the Civic of Chris Haydu will tie, and win the championship with the tie-breaker. Definitely going to be an event to remember.

Clinic in Brodart, Championship Gets Closer
By: Adam Koback

Sunday, September 16, 2007
Well, what an incredible event we had at Brodart this Sunday. We had such a great time running with the NEPA region. This probably was one of Adam's best drives all year.

Adam brought home the STS win by a little over half a second, and also won the PAX award for the event. Weather was absolutely perfect, and the course could not have been better. Video are posted, and results will follow this week.

This brings us down to one final event for the NEPA Championship and Adam is heading in just 2 points ahead in STS. Come out to Frackville, PA on October 7th to see what happens to the 2007 NEPA Championship. Will it be a tie, or will Adam wrap up his second championship title in 3 years.

Team-CRM Driver Takes STS State Championship
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, September 4, 2007
So this past weekend was the 3rd state championship that Adam has participated in. Experience in this two day marathon is key. Saturday could not have gone any better for him. He brought home the STS win on Saturday by just about 2 seconds and drove a wonderful event.

Sunday was not so great. The car tightened up, and he just could not recover from it. Even with rear shocks full stiff and a 14 psi variance in tire pressures, that just wasn't enough to loosen it up. He still brought home the STS win by .3 seconds, but was not happy with the performance.

In anycase the STS championship was his, and he brought home the wood. Already looking forward to next seasons run. Videos are posted from Saturday and Sunday. We have incar on Saturday, and a great external video by Chris Paveglio on Sunday.

We also had Tyler running both days, and also Brad ran with us on Sunday. Once the final results are released I will post more information on their days.

NEPA Schuylkill Mall Win
By: Adam Koback

Monday, August 27, 2007
Another fantastic day for Team-CRM. The weather could not have been any better, great temps, and fair sun. Nothing like the projected forecast. The morning runs started out rather slow, but for the afternoon heats the times dropped tremendously.

Adam was struggling to get a clean line during the morning runs, but came right out in the afternoon and threw down a run over a second faster then his morning session. Good enough to bring home the STS win and a 6th place PAX finish.

Tyler also threw down some good runs in the afternoon and ended the day just over a second slower then Adam. Tyler cannot wait to get his AMR coilovers on the car and start kicking butt.

Videos are currently posted. We are still waiting on the photos and results to come in.

Next event for CRM will be the PA State Championships in Harrisburg, PA. Come out and see every CRM driver mix it up during this event. Adam and Tyler will be running on Saturday and Sunday, while Brad and LJ will only be there on Sunday. Come out and enjoy this great autocross competition.

New Team-CRM Driver
By: Adam Koback

Friday, August 24, 2007
I'd like to welcome our newest member to the Coal Region clan. His name is Tyler Lobb from York, PA and he will be driving a 1997 Saturn SC2. Tyler has shown that in the future he will be a force to be recon with. Already in his most recent events he's showing wonderful car control, and a cool head. We look for great things to come from this kid.


Adam Rolls Strong in Warminster
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Warminster so far has been the most interesting event of the year. It all started out great, good cool temps, partly cloudy. Then it became time for the afternoon heats and for STS to get their move on. The skies opened up and still have not let up.

So far the coupe has never seen a drop of rain before. I didn't know what to expect out of it. What I did find was that, this is an incredible rain car. Front end grip was absolutely stunning. No lack of grip at all, and plenty of forward bite as well. Simply amazing.

So then how did we do. Adam brought home the win over Tom Buckley in his Civic Si by just about a half second. The runs absolutely were not pretty, and we only got on really clean run in, but it ended up being enough. That run was also good for 31st pax. Not bad considering the entire morning heat ran in the dry conditions.

All videos, photos, and results are also posted.

So then, next event for is will be our home event in Frackville, PA at the Schuylkill Mall. Why not make a day of it and come out to cheer us on. Hope to see you there.


Team-CRM Pulls Off the Double Win
By: Adam Koback

Monday, August 13, 2007
Well after Adam's win down the farm show and their long vacation, Team-CRM was back fighting in the NEPA autocross series again this past Sunday.

LJ was doing battle in the STX class with Adam's Saturn since the Cobalt is still in the shop for repairs. He handidly brought home the victory.

In STS news, Adam also won the class fighting a very close battle with Chris Haydu all day long. Only tenths of a second seperated the two all day and especially in the afternoon for their quest to get into the 36 second bracket. In the end Adam came out on top by .3 tenths over Chris and also took the PAX victory.

The results have yet to be posted, but feel free to check out the awesome video we have on that respective page. Also look for some videos in the next day or two of other drivers that were at the event.

Team-CRM Wins at the Farmer's Market
By: Adam Koback

Monday, July 23, 2007
So what a weekend. CRM was very excited to get back in the mix this past Sunday as the NEPA region visited the Farmer's Market in Hometown, PA. This was both Adam and LJ's home event, and what an event it was.

In STS action we had Adam taking the win by a little more then half a second. He would also bring home the pax victory along with ftd (fast time of the day).

In STX action LJ took 2nd place behind a very stout WRX. He and Tom Unovich had a great battle the entire day dicing back and forth for 2nd position every run. It was really something to see.

Media wise we have pictures, and video posted from the event. Results have also been updated and posted. Next up for Adam will be the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg with the ASCC. Come on out and see the coupe do battle in STS once again.


ASCC Victory at the Mall
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
This week we headed on down to Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA to run with the Susquehanna SCCA Region. What a blast. The course was a perfect balance of white knuckle sections and a technical finish.

Adam brought home 5th place pax and the STS victory by over 1.5 seconds against the Civic of Mike Louie. All photos, video, and results are posted.

We look forward to heading out to the Mid-State Airport this weekend and tearing down some runways. In attendance should be Adam and LJ at this one.

CPR Airport Win
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Wow another incredible event for the new STS warrior at Mid-State Airport. The new rear springs were working flawlessly, and provided and incredible change in the cars handling. Rotation is much improved.

Adam brought home 1st place in STS by just a little over 2 seconds, and brought home the 4th place PAX finish. What a great day. Brad Tucker was also on hand for this event, bringing up 5th place in STS.

Videos and results are posted. Next event for CRM will be Park City with the ASCC. See you all there!!

Fun Weekend Down South
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Well Adam took a break from the thrills of the hard nosed competition in the SCCA this weekend. We took the coupe down to Capital Driving Club in Frederick, MD to a test and tune on Sunday. We had an absolute blast with the car and with everyone there.

We met up with our good friend Travis Finlay, who in the afternoon session took the coupe out for a spin. Coming within' 3 tenths of Adam's fastest time. The Coupe ended up being the fastest street tire car there. Very impressive.

There are photos posted from the last two weekends, as well as video from Sunday's event. This weekend we will be headed to the Mid-State Airport with Central PA Region. CRM will almost be in full force. Brad will finally be attending an event this season. We also have another Saturn coming up, Tyler from York will be doing battle in his first event. STS is sure getting back.

LJ will be up in the NEPA Region this Sunday at the Wilkes-Barre Vo-Tech doing battle for the STX championship. We wish him the best of luck!

Adam Takes Victory at the Airport
By: Adam Koback

Monday, May 21, 2007
Looks like Mid-State CPR is in the books. Adam brought home a thirlling victory in STS by almost 3 seconds, and took a 5th place PAX. This was his first even with the new AMR Engineering coilovers. They performed exceptionally well.

All photos and videos from the event have been posted on their respective pages. Results are also posted.

Next event for CRM, Adam and LJ will head up to Luzerne County Comm. College with the home region of NEPA. See you all there.

Philly SCCA Visits Warminster
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Sunday Adam attended Philly regions 3rd event of the season held at Community Park in Warminster, PA. This was the first high speed event for the new coupe, and it did exceptionally well. We brought home a 3rd place in STS, edged out 2 seconds by Cy Lee. He put together a flawless final run.

All pages are update, pictures, video,and results are posted.

CRM now takes a week off and will pickup action May 20th with the Central PA Region at the Mid-State Airport.

Edging out STS at Schuylkill Mall
By: Adam Koback

Monday, April 30, 2007
What a great day for Team-CRM racing. Adam Koback brings home the STS win by .033 seconds, and LJ's take STX in the Cobalt by just under a half second.

One again both cars were performing exceptional. It's already becoming apparent LJ will need stickier tires on the Cobalt, and Adam's waiting game on coilovers is definitely going to pay off big time.

Results from both NEPA events, as well as Photos from 4/29 have been posted. Look for video later today.

Update: Videos are now posted.

Brodart In the Books
By: Adam Koback

Monday, April 23, 2007
What an incredible day. Weather could not have been better, and I simply cannot be happier with the car and how the season started. In it's first event ever, our new STS Saturn Warrior took home victory in the NEPA SCCA class, edging out CRM's former STS Civic of Chris Haydu. Also LJ was able to bring home a 2nd place in STX as he chases that title.

I have compiled the video of the new Saturn and it has been posted on our videos page. Look for pictures, and the final results from the event in the next few days.

Update: Videos have now been posted.

First Event Fast Approaching
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
So it looks like Team-CRM's first event of the year is fast approaching. First autocross will be at Brodart Industries in Williamsport, PA with the NEPA SCCA Region on April 22nd. Making an appearance will be Adam Koback and LJ Brylewski. Both of which are sporting new rides for the year. Adam in his Saturn Coupe, and LJ in his brand new Cobalt SS Supercharged, both here to dominate the Street Touring classes.

Look for some minor changes to the format of the site to make it easier for you guys to access our pictures and videos from the events.

That's all I have for now, see you all in WIlliamsport!

2007 Tentative Schedule
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, March 7, 2007
The full 2007 schedule for the Central PA, Northeast PA, and Susquehanna regions have been posted on our schedule page. We have also marked off what events you should be seeing us at this year. We are still awaiting the Philidelphia SCCA schedule.

NEPA Awards Banquet
By: Adam Koback

Saturday, January 13, 2007
So the dates have been announced for the awards banquet. It is set for January 27 at 6:00 in the Best Western Genetti Inn & Suites in Hazleton. Can't wait to see everyone there again.

Also, yes we are still alive. Just no updates over the wintry season. Looks like our first event of 2007 might fall on the first weekend in February at Ripken Stadium. If not then, look for us to be out in March.

Early Progress
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, November 27, 2006
Well in an attempt to hold myself back, which was not possible, more parts have been added to the SC Project. Check them out on the SC build page.

Early Wintry Update
By: Adam Koback

Friday, November 17, 2006
Well we have lots of news to go here. Some of you might have heard already and you have heard right. The new car is already here for 2007. I picked up a 1993 Saturn SC2 with 128,000 miles to begin work on for next season. As it sits now, it's totally stock, perfect! Specifically what's being done to the car will remain secret until season start, but I wanted to give everyone a sneak preview.


So far the only thing I have really done to the car is changed out the seat for a Sparco model, and changed up the steering wheel and shifter for a Momo unit.


And now the biggest news of all. We have a sponsor for 2007. Street Design Auto will be doing a partial sponsorship with us for the entire season. Be sure to check out their website for all your Saturn engine needs. We are thrilled to have them on board!

So I guess you can stay tuned for some sneak peaks throughout the winter on the happenings in the Koback garage.

Late One in Warminster
By: Adam Koback

Monday, November 6, 2006
So this past weekend a couple of us NEPA guys headed down to Warminster. Me, Kevin, and Forrest. We had such a great time. Even though the event did run so late.

Forrest and I duked it out in the STS class. I ended up with a best time of 60.006, which I think put me in 2nd place. Forrest ran a Kevin brought up SM with a time in the 61's, in the early heats. Forrest and I finished in the dark.

Night autocross was rather cool I must say. I really enjoyed that.


So I guess that is all for this 2006 season. Time to get to work on the new car, and I will see you all next season!! Check back for progress updated on the new ride!

Windy Event at the Giant Center
By: Adam Koback

Monday, October 30, 2006
Well yesterday was such a windy day at Hershey Park. I never seen anything like that before. Me and Forrest working turn 5, and all of a sudden the whole corner just disappears and blows away. That was a sight to see.

The wagon was also performing fairly well. We took 2nd place in the STS class, and brought home a 21st place PAX finish. Not bad for a worn out wagon with blown struts and in need of bushings.

Looks like there is only one more event for us this season. This event will be held down at the Warminster Park in Warminster, PA on Sunday, November 5th.

Also look for updates on the new ride for next season. We should have that update within about a week.

For Sale
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Updates in the forsale section. 15x7 Kosei K1 TS Wheels and Azenis RT-615 Tires are now posted up. We also have listed a JVC Everio Hard Disc Camera.

Final Hurrah of the 2006 NEPA Season
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
So our event this past Sunday brought the 2006 points season to an end. Our calculations show that we came home in 2nd place this year. We had a very close final event, with Chris Haydu edging us out by just 1 hundredth of a second. I think I made the wrong move running the Saturn in the afternoon, and in turn that's how I lost this year championship. We will be back next year.

The day was very fun though. We walked the course and I thought it was really going to be quite bad. Which is was for me in the morning. But then I got my act together and the afternoon runs in the Saturn just went flawless. I think if I did run the Civic in the afternoon my time would have been improved by a second or more.

We do have the videos posted. Adam's video includes a civic run, and then the interesting video from the Saturn hanging off the side. Very good watch. We also are hosting one of Chris Haydu's runs. Check those out.

Results and photos by John Belfiore will be posted within' the week so look out for those. Also the final point standings should be up in the future also.

So looks like we have one more event for the year. ASCC will be hosting an event at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA on October 29th. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Update from two weeks ago, we did run down at the Park City Mall. Took home 2nd place in STS to Mike Louie. It poured in our heat and was almost a total washout.

Do need to appologize to everyone who was pulling for me in the CPR SCCA Fall Series. I could have easily took the championship up there but just couldn't get myself out of bed last weekend. They were some of the best times of the year. Very fun courses. Thanks goes out to everyone who runs the CPR Region.

I also would like to thank everyone who helped us out in the NEPA Region. There's so much work that goes into each and every one of these events. Takes a lot of people to make it work. Thanks for a great season guys! Thank you Chris for an incredible battle, right down to the last event and down to the hundredth of a second really.

Update: Photos from the October 8th event at the Schuylkill Mall have now been posted. Check those out.

Mid-State Win #2 for the Legend
By: Adam Koback

Monday, September 18, 2006
Again Sunday was an incredible event. The course was designed by a very very young kart driver, and it was just exceptional. It was such an absolute blast. My runs started out kinda slow, I'm still not real sure why. But then on Run 3 we just came out of the gates and threw down a killer run. After that it just got increasingly faster. Once again the old wagon was turning heads and taking names. So we brought home the STS win, and finished 3rd in PAX once again. This time to Sam Strano and Alan Pozner. It was really a great day for us.

The video which is well worth the watch has been posted, along with results from the past 2 weekends, and an update to the schedule. Definitely check those out while their hot.

In other news the wagon will be making a return to the ASCC region next weekend at the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA. We look forward to seeing everyone there and hopefully bringing home another win for CRM.

Return of an Old Legend
By: Adam Koback

Monday, September 11, 2006
Wow what an incedible day. The course was absolutely incrediblely fast, and very fun.

Yesterday marked the return of the Saturn, and what a blast I had in that car once again. The comments from people were just price less. Words of Sam Strano I believe on the loud speaker. "Holy crap, that's an STS car, a Saturn Wagon." "That is absolutely rediculous, that car should not be that fast."

Took the STS victory over some RSX's and one white 89 Civic Si Hatch. It was such a fun day. What surprised me was where I ended up in PAX. 3rd place for the old boat. Crazy stuff.


I will be headed out to Mid-State CPR again this weekend if any of you NEPA guys are interested in coming. Andy, Claude, and Kevin were out there this time. We had such a great time. They put on an awesome event.

Victory at the College and Other News
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, September 7, 2006
Welp what can I say, another awesome run. Finished 1st place in STS and swept PAX for the 2nd week in a row. Really really starting to get into a rythem now. Chris Haydu and I are now tied for the STS points lead in the NEPA Region, and we are also tied for overall PAX wins. It's so incredible how this season has been so close. It all will come down to the final event.

Video and results are also posted from September 3rd event.

And now the good and bad news. Chuck the little mean green machine is now sold. So that means the final NEPA event at Frackville we will be co-driving him thanks to Chris Haydu. Greatly appreciate the chance to finish off the season in such an incredible car. I cannot wait!

Next event for us will be this Sunday out at the Mid-State Airport with Central PA Region. Hope to see you guys there.

Adam's Back in the Chase
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, August 31, 2006
Wow what a weekend, sorry for the lack of updates lately, it's been pretty busy around here. Anyway last last weekend we hit up CPR Region at Mid-State Airport. Scored a 2nd place there.

Now for the excitement at this past weekends NEPA event at the Schuylkill Mall in Frackville. Got to design my 2nd course ever, and it came out with absolutely flying colors. Wish it would have been completely dry to run on though, woulda been great.

I had been running a head the entire day, and knew we were untouchable. What I didn't know is what I found out at trophies. Our competition for the year, Chris Haydu would finish a dismal 3rd place. That finish put us right back into the chase for the sts championship. All we need to do is score victory in the last two events. We also took home pax by roughly 1.0 seconds. We are now one race back from Chris Haydu for overall pax leader. One more and we will tie him.

So come on out to our next event, Luzerne County Comm College in Nanticoke, PA this weekend where we'll try to get our next victory, and come one step closer to the championship. See you there.

Disappointment and Win In Aberdeen
By: Adam Koback

Monday, August 14, 2006
This weekend we headed down to Philadelphia Region to run at Ripken Stadium. It was such a great day. Weather could not have been better. Came out of the boxes very fast and took the STS lead and win our of 21 drivers on the first run. Better the time a little on the second, and then kind of cruised a bit after that.

The most disappointing part of the day had to be the course. It was very very short for a Ripken Stadium layout. Only mid 30 seconds. It also was placed over the absolute bumpiest portions of the lot. I was finding it extremely hard to hold al ine through the turn. But we still had a blast so what can I say.

Our video and the results have been posted so be sure to check those out. Video includes the weirdest hit cone I have ever seen hahah. It kind of just spun off the rear tire and walked itself all the way across the line.

So it looks like our next event is this upcoming Sunday in Philipsburg at the Mid-State Airport. Event being held by Central PA Region. Let's get some NEPA guys up here to kick butt!

Team-CRM Brings Home the PA State Title
By: Adam Koback

Monday, August 7, 2006
Wow what an event. Everything yesterday was just perfect. We were super quick right out of the gates, and improved off that. My new alignment on the car is just incredible. I could not of been happier.

Unfortuneately we did not get the overall title, but we did win the STS Championship. All the results and photos will be posted when I receive them. We do have the video uploaded on that page though. Check it out, must see. The course was soooo fast and really quick transitions.

Next event for us will be down at Ripken Stadium this Saturday, August 12th with the Philly guys. Simply cannot wait, very excited!

Edit: Results are now posted.

Welcome to Brad Tucker
By: Adam Koback

Monday, August 7, 2006
So we have added another member to the stable. His name, Brad Tucker, owner of a very sleek Saturn SL2. He will be running in a handful of autocrosses this season. He has one NEPA event under his belt, and has just run the PA State Championship event this past Sunday. Check out his ride on the cars page now. We look forward to seeing some great things from this driver and car.

Heartbreaking Up North
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Video from Wilkes-Barre is finally posted. Unfortuneately we came in 2nd place. That means that the best we can do is tie for the STS title in NEPA.

Next event for CRM will be at the State Championships at the Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA. Everyone, definitely come out for this one. Some of the best drivers from all over will be there.

For Sale: 1991 Honda Civic Si
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Well the day has finally come. I wanted to wait a little bit longer to list this one, but I am anxious to get started on new projects. The Civic formerly known as Chuck is now for sale. I have added the for sale link to the left and you can get all the info and details there. I am looking to receive $5500 or best offer. Check it out and definitely get in touch with me if you are at all interested.

Blazing Day in the Poconos
By: Adam Koback

Monday, July 17, 2006
Wow, well finally we have won another NEPA event. I was wondering if that was ever going to happen again. The little civic took the STS win by nearly a second, and took Pax over Chris Shenefield (CSP) by .7 seconds. I was so thrilled with the setup in the car and how well we got it dialed in.

The videos from this event are pretty interesting. My compilation includes angles from every which way on the car. Every run is something different. I also got video of about 7 other drivers throughout the 2nd heat. So go check those out. Must watch.

Next event will be the Wilkes-Barre Vo-Tech on July 23rd. Definitely not an event for the squimish. We shall see you there.

2006 Formula 1 US Grand Prix Photos
By: Adam Koback

Friday, July 14, 2006
Well all, sorry for the long delay on this one. I just added some awesome photos from the US Grand Prix 2 weekends ago. Check them out on the photos page.

Also the results from 7/2 NEPA event have been posted.

High Speed Thrills
By: Adam Koback

Monday, July 10, 2006
Wow what a weekend. Central PA region put on an absolutely awesome event. We got 5 runs on one of the most thrilling, and definitely one of the fastest courses that I have been on. Shifting was very fun, we usually don't get to do much of that autocrossing. Every run was breathtaking, it really was something.

We ended up coming home 1st place in STS, and took home 4th place PAX. I was very satisfied with the day. Defintiely looking forward to running more CPR events in the future. Videos and results are posted on their respective pages. Video does not do the course justice however, we were absolutely tearing around this place.

Next event from CRM will be an NEPA run event at Pocono Mountain West High School on July 16th. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Also and update on the site in general. We are currently trying to implement a forum into the site. Look for some nifty updates real soon.

By: Adam Koback

Sunday, July 2, 2006
What a weekend, again dry first heat, rain second, then it was nice for the rest of the day. Chris pretty much handed it to me this week. My only remorse was my last run, which would have been great for the STS win and PAX win, but I coned, boo me.

My videos, along with about 7 or 8 other drivers from Heat 1 are posted in the videos section. Results page will be updated later this week.

Next event will be the Mid-State Airport with Central PA Region. This will be out first trip out there, and are looking for some high speed action just the way we like it. See you all there.

Little Update
By: Adam Koback

Friday, June 30, 2006
Well we are now in preparation for the next event on July 2nd at the Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, PA. I found some time today to update our photos section. We now have photos by Ron Sibulsky from the May 28th and June 4th events. If you haven't seen any coverage from our June 4th event check that out, it really is something.

I also have added Mike Louie's videos from this past Sunday, along with updating the results page.

Hope to see you all this weekend!

Park City Excitement
By: Adam Koback

Sunday, June 25, 2006
What a wonderful event this was. Little sprinkles in the first heat, some in the 2nd, and then nothing but nice overcast clouds and cool temps the rest of the day. Looked like everyone at the event had a blast.

I finally knocked off the former owner of my car, finally!! Such a relief to get that off my back. Mike even had an extra 4 more runs then I, just couldn't put it all together. Also took home the pax victory too, always a good feeling. Car performed exceptionally well, and NOTHING broke!! Simply amazing.

Video has been posted on that page from the event. I am still awaiting Mike's times so I can post his videos also, so be on the lookout for those.

Well I hope to see everyone again next weekend, July 2nd at Luzerne Country Community College in Nanticoke, PA.

Next Event is Fast Approaching
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Well it's only a matter of days now, June 25th will be our next attended event after a short off season. We'll be trecking down to Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA with the Susquehanna club. We got our new Azenis all mounted up and are ready to rock the place. Weather is looking like it should also hold out for us.

Hope to see you guys there!

Drowning at the Farmer's Market
By: Adam Koback

Sunday, June 4, 2006
Well this event was a washout and a half. Off and on hard rain showers all day. We ended up bringing home the civic in 2nd place sts. I'm unsure on pax as I have not seen the results yet.

We have yet again broken something on the car and the streak continues. This time is was the alternator, and I am guessing it is from all the water getting splashed up. You can check all that action out in the videos, which are already posted.

Welp we are now off for almost the rest of June. We will keep you guys posted on our next event appearance.

Scorcher at LCCC
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, June 1, 2006
NEPA held their 3rd event of the season at the Luzerne County Community College on Sunday. We weren't on our normal lot, but made the absolute best of the lot we were given. I think everyone had a wonderful day.

Adam finished in a respective 2nd place Sunday, while also maintaining a 3rd place pax finish. LJ took home a 5th place sts after having some tire troubles early, and trying to work through them throughout the day. The videos and photos from the event have also been posted from the event.

Next event for us will be Hometown Farmer's Market with the NEPA Region on June 4th. If anyone needs any help getting there or would like more information, please feel free to get in touch with me or one of the NEPA reps.

Blast at Ripken Stadium
By: Adam Koback

Monday, May 22, 2006
Well the event at Ripken this past weekend went wonderful. I finally picked up my first victory in the Philly Region. The track was fairly fast, and I was having a hard time staying smooth and keeping the speed up. I wouldn't be afraid to say I left a whole second out there on the track, but a win is a win and we will take it.

We have posted the incar videos, and some photos of the event on their appropriate pages. Also if you would like, we have linked the results also.

Our next event will be on May 28th at the Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, PA. It will be hosted by the Northeast PA Region. Hope to see you there.

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